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Pink Buildings in Johannesburg - Statement by the Egoli Heritage Foundation
The Most Important Polish-Founded Monument in South Africa
Rand Club - A Grand Past with an Uncertain Future
Johannesburg's First Lift
Stonework Restoration - Standard Bank Chambers
Signs of life at iconic Corner House
The Preservation of the Provincial Building
Africa's first Wikipedia City
Why protect a town or city's heritage?
Restoring one of Parktown's Greatest Mansions
Somerset House - A Preservationist's Dilemma
Struben Monument Destroyed but not Forgotten
The Day Krugersdorp Received a Magnificent Tower Clock
MHIG breaks records on the Barberton Makhonjwa Geotrail
Scandal brewing in Barberton
Barberton Scandal is Here!
The Story Behind the Monument to Petrus Molefe
Old Town Halls Never Die
Station Life in the Karoo in the Early 1900s
Mai Mai Market - 'The Place of Healers'
The Famous Foundation Stone without its Building
The History of the Jeppe Family
History and Style of the Bo-Kaap
Why we should not waste effort maintaining this important heritage site
George Harrison Park - A Battle Lost?
A Depressing Visit to George Harrison Park
Heritage Lobby applauds Public Works!
Our City Fathers ought to be Protecting and Defending Joubert Park
Joubert Park In Danger - Herbert Prins Speaks Out
Saving the Rissik Street Post Office from destruction by fire!
History of the Rissik Street Post Office Clock
Unpacking the complexity behind the decision to demolish the Anton Van Wouw House
What happened to the Van Wouw House?
Early History of the Drill Hall
Johannesburg Heritage Foundation Report - December 2012
This is the story of how and why I became the author of "Die Jeppe Story" by Herbert A. Peschel
German Relics in the Eastern Cape
The Face of the Rand Club Bids Farewell (for now)
A Monument to South African Friendship - Gandhi and Kallenbach