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An early South African Philaphotographologist - Frederick William Willis
Confessions of a Collector of Heritage Maps
Neil Fraser – passionate city man
James Cameron - Second City Engineer of Cape Town
Knysna Gold - How it all started
Explorer William Burchell – ecologist with a vision
Plattekloof Pass - Abandoned and then misplaced
Finding Mr Patel’s outfitter shop in Rockey Street
Celebrating Flo Bird - 80 Years of a Remarkable Life
The Original High Speed Rail - The Great Western Main Line between London & Bristol
A remarkable Johannesburg-based female portrait artist: Sara Buijskes (1886 - 1970)
Our Forgotten Heritage – The Beleaguered Blockhouses
A Boer War Novelty
Port Elizabeth - An Abridged History of an Apartheid City
Things to see and do at Melville Koppies Nature Reserve and Joburg Heritage site
Ancient Greek and Roman coins from Pondoland, South Africa (Part 2)
John Hamilton Wicksteed - The competent young engineer who came to a sad end
Ancient Greek and Roman coins from Pondoland, South Africa (Part 1)
The Amnesia on the Commemoration of African Women in the South African War 
A tribute to Werner Kirchhoff - Surveyor of distinction and an early pioneer of South African satellite geodesy
Early Heidelberg through the eyes of a deltiologist
The first printed map of South Africa - The Martin Waldseemüller map
James Bisset - Bringing Mass Transport to the Suburbs
Fort Napier 1843 - 2023 - One of the longest lasting and most peaceful military structures in South Africa
Rickshaws of early Johannesburg
Life at the National Trust
Africana map collection resurfaces after half a century
George Pauling - Leading railway contractor in the development of Southern Africa
Blue Plaque celebrates Freemasons Hall, Parktown
Visiting the Military Garden of Remembrance at Polokwane
Thomas Stewart - First South African Consulting Engineer
Anglo-Boer War sketches, Magic Lanterns and the Lanternist
The rock engravings at Bosworth farm
John Gamble - Maths Prodigy who Preferred Engineering
Ladies Mile, the result of a bitter fight
Languedoc, the workers’ village built by Cecil Rhodes
Pioneer Diamond Field Photographers Kimberley (1869 - 1915)
The Ponte Saga
The rescue restoration of the historic town centre of Wupperthal
Sandton almost had a beach
Visiting the Historic Palmietkuil South War Cemetery
Heritage Honours Awarded at Tolstoy Farm
Sir John Coode - International Harbour Master
Bygone fortune seeker and rail restauranteur Theodor Fiebiger
Asian food snails in Zoo Lake - A living legacy of Chinese indentured labourers on the gold fields of 1904?
The Saga of the planned major SAR & H Museum that never was
Forgotten Railway Sidings of the South Peninsula
Is it heritage? Graffiti wall art and Pinki’s Inn, Jeppestown
Journal of a visit to the Gold Fields in 1889
The History of Witkoppen Clinic
The History of Witkoppen School
Adam De Smidt - Gentlemanly Engineer in a tough environment
An ode to Bra Fighter - A South African music connoisseur
Winston’s War – The Valiant Years
British Ammunition Expenditure / Kill Ratio at the Battles of Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift
The man behind one of South Africa's largest private photographic collections - Q&A with Carol Hardijzer
Southern Africa from above: Aerial Photography – A historical overview
Lessons from my mentor, Steffen Ahrends
Steffen Ahrends and Ponden House, Bryanston
John Frederick Bourne - Railwayman who left an Unexpected Legacy
A priceless Joburg archive - Q&A with Lucille Davie
Arthur Edward Green - Soldier, hunter, engineer, traveller & amateur photographer
Visiting one of the most important Muslim tombs in the Western Cape
Richard Thomas Hall - Railwayman in a Remote Part of the Colony
That secret Johannesburg canal and stream
Unicorns in the Stormberg - New light on an old mystery
Johannesburg’s mayors
Patrick Fletcher - Versatile Pioneer
Herbert Baker’s Stonehouse captures his spirit
Pogonology: South African men and their facial hair - As portrayed in photographs from the Victorian era
Botha House, Lynton Hall & Umdoni Park - Heritage Jewels of KZN
Mathew Woodifield - The Busy Engineer who Disappeared
Unacclaimed South African Railway Photographers (1894 -1940)
Q&A with Kathy Munro
A Royal Rapport, How the Windsors met a Hohenzollern in Queenstown
Preserving the only submarine museum in Africa
John Scott Tucker - Ineffective Official who Abolished his own Post
Vandalised headstones in Brixton Cemetery
Finding Job Maseko - It is not Masego, it is Maseko
A visit to the South African Airways Museum at Rand Airport
All the winners from the Herbert Prins Colosseum Awards
A remarkable Pretorian: Photographer Dotman Pretorius (1917-1999)
Great Mechanical Engineers of the South African Railways & Harbours (Part 2)
A personal tribute to Marcus Holmes
From Bergville to East Africa (1916-1918), never to return…
More than a century ago: “Toen en Nu” (Then and Now) - A poem by Ompie
Carruthers and Frescura receive highest honour in the heritage community
Charles Davidson Bell - Renaissance Man at the Cape
Great Mechanical Engineers of the South African Railways & Harbours (Part 1)
Secrets of the Brown Family Plot in Brixton Cemetery
George Pilkington - The Elderly Gentleman Who Kept up The Good Work
Blue plaques celebrate historic sporting moments in Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth)
Visual Reflection on Pretoria’s early places of Worship - 1857 to the end of the 1920s
A few memories of Indian Elephants at the Joburg Zoo
Thomas Charles John Bain - One of South Africa's greatest engineers
The Blue Plaques of Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth) - Part 1
Murrell Robinson Robinson - Dedicated Public Servant
Mystery of Braamfontein's arched grave solved!
The Battle behind Isandlwana - The fight for the Amanzimnyama Drift and Fugitive's Trail
"I knew in that instant that my life on the run was over" - The capture of Nelson Mandela 5 August 1962