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Maggie Friedman - love, life and death with David Webster
A Short History of the SA Dagger
Looking back at the restoration of the Barbican Building
St John’s College, Johannesburg, and the Spanish flu of 1918
Dormant Graaff-Reinet Museum Photographic Collection sees the light - Roe & Son studio images of the local Black community
Sol Plaatje - Cycling into South African History
Melanie Yap - Chinese voice
Celebrating the remarkable life of Herbert Prins
Iconic painting reveals close relationship between Churchill and Smuts
The easy life of Doris Mosikele
Twists and turns in the tale of a clock
Looking back on the restoration of Johannesburg's Old Fort
Where there was gold there were photographers - Barberton Goldrush
Clive Chipkin pays tribute to Robin Fee
Three Books on the Black Death
Magistrates’ Courts – blasts, apartheid and art
The Remarkable Chinese Paired Swords at Ditsong
A Short History of the Mulberry Tree
Looking back on the restoration of the majestic Reserve Bank Building
Historic recipe books are an aspect of cultural history
Exploring the Syringa Tree
A Short History of the Pepper Tree
Irving Lissoos - coming of age in Jewish Johannesburg
Model of 'U-96' donated to the Ditsong National Museum of Military History
Ken Boffard - wrestling the Grim Reaper
The Hidden History of Mount Carmel
Historic sculptures at St Andrew’s School for Girls restored
Putting Joburg buildings before profits - The legacy of Robin Fee
The Pests of Potch
The Great Synagogue in Hillbrow
The path to one of the highest points in South Africa
Making The Grade - Observations on the Grading of Archaeological and Palaeontological Heritage Sites
The Early History of St David's Marist Inanda
Remembering exciting finds in Drill Hall development
Clive Chipkin - ‘No coherence!’
Latent South African Visual History - Magic lantern slides
South Africa's Road to Nowhere
Visiting the historic Brook Street Cemetery, Durban
The Gold Rushes of the Victorian Era
A Short History of the Jewish Community in Joburg
Wits has not destroyed the old showground of Milner Park
One day back in '63 at Liliesleaf
The Klass Brothers - seven storeys of cultural history
Mervyn King - man who sets the rules
The Heritage Community says farewell to a courageous and eccentric Johannesburg character
She took no prisoners and let no grass grow beneath her feet - Franco Frescura pays tribute to Helen Aron
The search for gold in the Free State
A new perspective on Johannesburg trams
Iconic Rotunda being vandalised
Ronel Bischoff - woman in charge
Border Cave finds confirm cultural practices
Neil Fraser - reclamation champion
Joburg personalities from the first decade of the 21st century
South Africa mourns a heritage champion
Visiting the Historic Victoria West Cemetery
History of the SAR&H Magazine from 1905 to 1930
The Hostels and Compounds of Cullinan
Cullinan - The War Years
A Short History of Cullinan School
The World Famous Engineer buried in Simon's Town
Billy Monk was a Loaded Gun - A Treasure Trove of Photographs of Cape Town in the 1960s
6 National Heritage Sites - Commemoration of Nelson Mandela 6 years on
Visiting the Historic Britstown Cemetery
Step into Victorian Joburg
Art Deco Durban
The Thesen Homes of Knysna
All Blacks in Hermanus Seventy Years Ago
Old, New and Newest in Braamfontein
Some Reminisces of Malmesbury
Righting the wrong that was done to Esther and Bill Eaton
My trip through Africa in the early 1970s
The home of jailed activist Seth Mazibuko
Joburg is ready for a raid
Unpacking the history behind this 1919 Ravenscroft photograph
The Heritage Portal in numbers (October 2019)
Looking back at the opening of Mapungubwe National Park
Gandhi on trial in South Africa, again
Blue plaques unveiled on historic Solomon Street workers compounds
Hermanus and HRH Princess Alice
What is the meaning of heritage?
Why Existing Heritage Legislation Is Ineffective - An Issue of a Total Lack of Effective Enforcement & Structure
The Caney Legacy - Early Durban based family of photographers
Deanery then, Koekfontein now - The story of a grand home in Upper Houghton
The Legacy of Dr Arthur David Bensusan
The Last Man to Walk out of Delville Wood ... was a Dundee Man!
The Doctor and the Artilleryman
'More than a Shop' - Fanny Klenerman and the Vanguard Bookshop in Johannesburg
Surviving sites from the 1922 Rand Revolt
Requiem to a Johannesburg landmark - The Grand Station Hotel lost to fire
Blue plaques and their inspiring possibilities
Johannesburg Heritage Foundation -  2019 achievements and the year ahead 
Flo Bird - Joburg’s diminutive dynamite
A South African encyclopaedia - A worthy and dated work of reference and a collectable treasure
Looking back at the restoration of the Credo Mutwa Cultural Village
Tracing the 1922 Strike
Passionate about tennis - A South African photo album of historical significance (1909 - 1913)
The railway line between Wolwehoek and Heilbron
A Novelist in Hermanus
Two gum trees, firemen and horse races
A walking tour of historic Calvinia