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Review of 'Telling stories of pain and hope: Museums in South Africa and Ireland'
Review of 'The Magaliesberg Heritage Collection'
Review of Clément Sénèque 1896-1930:  A Private Collection of his Paintings  
Review of Durban in the 1920s and 1930s
Review of Yeomen of the Karoo - The Story of the Imperial Yeomanry Hospital at Deelfontein
RSA 365 - This book makes a contribution to the documentation of South African buildings across the centuries
A novel about the 'Last Days of Old Parktown'
Dreaming the Karoo - A new traveller’s insight into our world
A book that celebrates the glorious heritage of Paarl
Review of 'Much Water under Many Bridges'
First comprehensive review of the architecture of early apartheid in Pretoria
Die NG Kerk - This books fills a gap on church architecture
Review of Anxious Joburg: The Inner Lives of a Global South City
Common Ground - A brilliant and welcome addition to architectural literature
Review of Durban Art Deco
Review of The Historical Karoo and The Historical Overberg
Fast forward to a new style of Mrs Beeton
Review of Falling Monuments Reluctant Ruins
Moving migrant men to build the gold mining industry - a cruel system
Review of 'Plague, Pox and Pandemics'
This book reveals an archaeological treasure house in Southern Africa
Inside the Carlton Hotel - Nostalgia overlaid with depression
This study is about a moment in time in the Yeoville story
An even-handed biography that adds to the literature on South African educational history
This book celebrates the hidden treasures of the Karoo
This is a book that will define the Waterberg for decades to come
Review of 'Mlamulankunzi: The Life and Times of Dick King'
'The Man behind the Beard' - A sympathetic biography that makes a contribution to the history of South Africa in the 20th century
This academic study breaks new ground in probing ways to look at photographs
Civilising Grass - Jonathan Cane’s study is thought-provoking, entertaining, interesting and provocative
Review of Traditional Tswana Housing: A Study in Four Villages in eastern Botswana (2nd edition)
This book will appeal to you if you have an ancestor who arrived in 1820
Review of 'Tavern of the Seas: The Unseen Years 1935-1955'
Review of Farmhouses of Old Natal
Learn about hidden vernacular treasures with this book in hand
This book passes Andrew Mlangeni’s personal story to his descendants and a wider readership
Review of 'Cradle of Life - The story of the Magaliesberg and the Cradle of Humankind’
The Silver Tea Service - A memoir dipped in mystery
Review of 'Barnato's Diamonds'
Review of 'Troubling Images - Visual Culture and the Politics of Afrikaner Nationalism'
Review of 'I am David'
Review of 20 South African Schools: A Pictorial History
Review of Jose Dale Lace: A Woman of Some Importance
Review of Hidden Pretoria - The best book in this format so far
Children of Hope - This is the book that I would nominate for the non-fiction prize of the year
Review of 'An Unwitting Assassin: The Story of my Father’s Attempted Assassination of Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd'
This book will become the premier guide to the Magaliesberg
Henry Longland's early survey of Johannesburg circa 1893
Review of 'Arthur Elliott - A Memoir of the Man and the Story of his Photographic Collection'
Review of A Newspaper History of South Africa
Review of The House of Tshatshu - Power, politics and chiefs north-west of the Great Kei River, c1818-2018
Review of Pilgrim's Rest Who's Who
Constance: One Road to Take - This book will become a classic photographic collector’s item
I am now the delighted owner of the second edition of Early Architects of Cape Town
Review of Howard Timmins and his Protégés
Book Review of 'The 2Summers #Gauteng52 Challenge'
Review of Jackpot Story
Review of Gandhi’s Printing Press: Experiments in Slow Reading
A view of Johannesburg through lenses from a different era
An essential companion when travelling the Barberton Makhonjwa Geotrail
Two new books from conservation architect and artist Franco Frescura
Review of Shovel and Sieve - This book has to be read because it captures the voice of Johannesburg's early prospectors
Both dated and timeless - A review of 'Who Did What in South Africa'
Review of Secret Johannesburg
Savour this book and take yourself on a journey through South Africa in 1889
The Missionary's Wife - A book of deep moral intelligence.
The Sculpture of Laurence Anthony Chait
The Memoirs of Napier Devitt
Dube's 'Backroom Boy' - The first foot soldier of MK had many names
An Australian journalist gives us a glimpse of Johannesburg life, 1895 to 1899
Review of The Ridge of the White Waters
Here is a fascinating account of what South Africa was like in 1889
If you have never savoured the Bosman stories this anthology is a good place to start
Review of Johannesburg: Made in China
Review of Building a Capable State
Review of The Anglo-Boer War in 100 Objects
The Union Castle and the War - This book is one of those unrecognized treasures from the First World War
From Prohibited Immigrants to Citizens - A deep study of a difficult and complex subject
Inside Kimberley - Paul Duncan and Alain Proust have done it again!
Review of 'A History of the Iziko South African National Gallery: Reflections on Art and National Identity'
Review of Durban from its Beginnings to its Silver Jubilee of City Status
This book will surely become a handbook of vernacular architecture
Empire, War and Cricket - An immensely readable book that is an impressive addition to South African history
Review of 'South African Odyssey: The Autobiography of Bertha Goudvis'
The NZASM Footsteps along the Tracks report identifies, documents, records and rescues the heritage of the NZASM
Review of Book Collecting in South Africa
Review of 'Soulmates - The Story of Mahatma Gandhi and Hermann Kallenbach'
Review of The Quest for Frank Wild
Review of South End Then and Now
Review of '120 Years of Caring - The Story of the Johannesburg Children’s Home'
Review of 'A Thousand Tales of Johannesburg: A City Novel'
Review of Cape Town: Then and Now
Review of hostels homes museum | Memorialising migrant labour pasts in Lwandle, South Africa
Collecting with Denis Godfrey
This is an authoritative book about Johannesburg in the 1930s
This book will make you shed a tear for Walter Hain and his friends lost in battle
Fire Walker - A beautiful book capturing a new bit of city history in the making
Review of Johannesburg - The Fabulous City
Review of Meet me at the Carlton
Battle of the Books - Memoirs of Early Johannesburg