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Diepsloot cannot be ignored if you are a student of Johannesburg
Review of Johannesburg Architecture and Heritage
Review of The Johannesburg Saga
Review of Joffe Marks: A Family Memoir
Review of Nokukhanya - Mother of Light
Review of Building Apartheid on Architecture and Order in Imperial Cape Town
The South African Saturday Book - A Collection of Curiosities
Review of Urban Film and Everyday Practice - Bridging Divisions in Johannesburg
"Early One Sunday Morning I decided to Step out and Find South Africa" by Luke Alfred
Review of Eric Rosenthal's Gold, Bricks and Mortar
Review of Hidden Cape Town - The book is a visual feast
Hidden Histories of Gordonia, Land Dispossession and Resistance in the Northern Cape, 1800-1990
Homeless Wanderers - Movement and mental illness in the Cape Colony in the Nineteenth Century
This biography honours and celebrates a pioneering South African woman doctor of the 20th century
RAC Route Book 1930 - A travel experience before highways and GPS navigation
Dorothea Bleek: A Life of Scholarship A biography by Jill Weintroub
Review of Hidden Johannesburg
From Lithuania to a false start in Johannesburg and settling in Cape Town
Emily Hobhouse - Beloved Traitor
A brilliant and delightful homage to the history of Johannesburg’s Gas Works
The Road Through the Grove - Friendship and adventure along Louis Botha Avenue
The Compassionate Englishwoman, Emily Hobhouse in the Boer War by Robert Eales
Journey into Yesterday - South African Milestones in Europe
The War Reporter - The Anglo-Boer War through the Eyes of the Burghers
Art and Aspirations, the Randlords of South Africa and their Collections
Fighting their own War - South African Blacks and the First World War
Bird of Paradise - The Story of José Dale Lace
Rodin's Bust of Eve Fairfax, the Sculptor and his Sitter
Homes of the Golden City
Picturing Change - Curating visual culture at post-apartheid universities
From Jo'burg to Jozi - Stories about Africa's infamous city
Remembering Five Eastern Cape Soldiers lost in World War I
Activate / Captivate opens up the entire Wits Art Museum collection
Arnold Benjamin's Lost Johannesburg - A must have in a Johannesburg Collection of Books
Max du Preez as a storyteller is a taster and teaser
Return to Morogoro - A valuable addition to the literature of soldiers' experiences during the First World War
The Book of Firsts - The stories behind the outstanding breakthroughs of the modern world
One of the Earliest Biographies of Barney Barnato
Girders on the Veld - All of Rosenthal’s strengths and weaknesses are revealed
Johannesburg: Images and Continuities - A History of Working Class Life through Pictures 1885 -1935
Your Loving Son, Yum - The letters of Grahame Alexander Munro to his family 1915-1916
A Johannesburg Album Historical Postcards by Oscar I Norwich
From Mining Camp to Metropolis
Living Amongst the Stars at the Johannesburg Observatory
An old guide book is a great source for heritage studies
Get this book if you collect South African maps
There has to be a strong case for redoing Smuts
Johannesburg Tramways - A rare specialist item of city history
Men of the Times - Pioneers of the Transvaal and Glimpses of South Africa (1905)
Church Tourism in South Africa - A Travel Odyssey
Architectural Guides Then and Now
Review of Tea at Ansteys
The Golden Crown versus 100 Years of Mining
Termites of the Gods - San Cosmology in Southern African Rock Art
In the Footsteps of Gandhi - A Fascinating Work of Local History
Battle of the Books - Treasures of the Africana Museum versus Pictorial History of Johannesburg
Battle of the Books - South African Church Architecture
The First Serious Study of the Life and Work of Nita Spilhaus
Gandhi's Johannesburg Birthplace of Satyagraha
The Early Architects of Johannesburg and their buildings (1886-1899)
The Early Architects of Cape Town and their buildings (1820-1926)
A Statement in Stone
Three Histories of The Rand Club
Battle of the Books - Monuments of South Africa
The Barnett Collection Volumes I and II
Viewpoints - The University of Cape Town and Its Treasures
Insider and Outsider views of Fietas/Pageview
Western Provincial versus Transvaal Republican
Changing Space, Changing City - A landmark investigation of the modern mixed metropolis that is Johannesburg
Early Johannesburg versus Magnates and Mansions
A Look at Two Books by Hannes Meiring
Parktown 1992 vs Parktown 2012
Sandton versus Johannesburg
Spruit Trail vs Ridge Trail
Johannesburg Firemen vs Engineers
Battle of the Books - Robben Island
The Old Hotels of Cape Town (1890-1911) by Michael Walker
Franco Frescura reviews 'Architectural Conservation in South Africa since 1994: 100+ Projects'
Two books by the man who shaped the collections of the Johannesburg City Library