My husband and I are avid photographers and have taken thousands of photographs. However, during a tidy up, we found a sheet of un-mounted colour slides lying in our garage. Examining the 28 images, we found them to be iconic of Johannesburg and the apartheid past. The photographs are full of social comment, especially notable in hindsight.



Around the world, Art Deco buildings are celebrated with passion by a range of enthusiasts, architectural historians and aficionados. In Durban, a small but unique society exists to preserve, publicise and promote the Art Deco architecture of the city. The Durban Art Deco Society (DADS) deserves a medal for the work they are doing. This new publication is a cooperative effort of DADS led by an impressive team.



African Consolidated Theatres commissioned J.C. Cook & Cowen to design a new theatre and office complex in 1937, to replace the theatre of the same name which had opened in 1903. Construction was interrupted by World War II and only completed in 1945. Decorated with the plushness befitting royalty, His Majesty’s Theatre became the venue for spectacular productions.