A problem peculiar to mining is how to transmit radio signals through rock. Anyone who has ever ventured into the lowest levels of an underground multi-storey carpark knows that your favourite radio station you were listening to just a few minutes before has suddenly disappeared. Those radio signals were not just blocked by the reinforced concrete of the building but they were absorbed by it too.



Parallel experiences and narratives in the histories of South Africa and of Ireland, and the ways in which the stories of pain and of hope are shared by storytellers who guide visitors in museums and heritage sites in each context, make for an important and timely comparison. The authors reflect, in the closing pages of this book, on the relevance of museums in the twenty-first century.



Built before 1900. As per pictures the shop was the Ellis Mitchell Tailors, on Market Street, which was renamed Voortrekker Street. In subsequent years it became the Central Café, with the Central News Agency having their shop next door.