The rich and vibrant history of this beautiful school and its buildings can be traced back to the old Transvaal Republic with its dust trodden tracks and open veld teeming with wild animals and small tin towns dotting the rand.



Parallel experiences and narratives in the histories of South Africa and of Ireland, and the ways in which the stories of pain and of hope are shared by storytellers who guide visitors in museums and heritage sites in each context, make for an important and timely comparison. The authors reflect, in the closing pages of this book, on the relevance of museums in the twenty-first century.



Designed in 1913 for Mrs Annie Sand and her husband, Pheenie, a building materials merchant. Annadale boasts the wide stoep and high ceilings characteristic of the Transvaal style. Coming ten years after the initial burst of construction in Seymour Avenue it retains the graciousness and generous proportions characteristic of the Edwardian era.. P.J.