Shortly before his death in 1984, Italo Calvino assembled thirty-eight essays in his Collections of Sand (Collezione di Sabbia). One section of essays was labelled ‘The Traveller in the Map’ (Il viandante nella mappa). Calvino described his notion of a cartographic odyssey:



Parallel experiences and narratives in the histories of South Africa and of Ireland, and the ways in which the stories of pain and of hope are shared by storytellers who guide visitors in museums and heritage sites in each context, make for an important and timely comparison. The authors reflect, in the closing pages of this book, on the relevance of museums in the twenty-first century.



Mbuyisa Makhubu became the most recognised face of the mass shooting of students by police on June 16 1976. The agonised figure of Mbuyisa, aged 18, appeared carrying the murdered Hector Pieterson in the iconic photograph taken by Sam Nzima. After the photograph was published around the world, Mbuyisa was forced to flee South Africa.