Philaphotographologist – what a highfalutin word! The word does not actually exist. Rackham (2022) applied his creativity and constructed the word following some discussion on the internet.

Personally, I rather like the word. It did take  me a minute or two to get my tongue around the pronunciation though (feela-foto-grafologist).



Parallel experiences and narratives in the histories of South Africa and of Ireland, and the ways in which the stories of pain and of hope are shared by storytellers who guide visitors in museums and heritage sites in each context, make for an important and timely comparison. The authors reflect, in the closing pages of this book, on the relevance of museums in the twenty-first century.



Designed by Gilbert St John Cottrill in 1904, this was the first Nurse's Home for the General Hospital where all nurses in training lived. In 1926 a new wing was added, and in 1936 a new hall and dining-hall were completed by Gordon Leith. It was named after the Chairman of the Hospital Board from 1930-1955. Dress regulations, training and deportment for the nurses were very strict.