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Early Middelburg through the eyes of two deltiologists
Abdul Rahim Munshi - Possibly South Africa’s First Recorded Studio Photographer of Colour
Simonstown: A Victorian Photo Album dissected 160 years later
Early photo evidence brings closure following tragic death at sea
A life synopsis intuited from a single Cabinet Card - Thomas Stork (1872-1953)
Enigmatic Johannesburg-based Female Photographer, Jane Plotz
David Stewart Howie - Anglo-Boer War Correspondent and Amateur Photographer
Early Standerton through the eyes of a deltiologist
An early South African Philaphotographologist - Frederick William Willis
A remarkable Johannesburg-based female portrait artist: Sara Buijskes (1886 - 1970)
Early Heidelberg through the eyes of a deltiologist
Anglo-Boer War sketches, Magic Lanterns and the Lanternist
Pioneer Diamond Field Photographers Kimberley (1869 - 1915)
Bygone fortune seeker and rail restauranteur Theodor Fiebiger
Southern Africa from above: Aerial Photography – A historical overview
Arthur Edward Green - Soldier, hunter, engineer, traveller & amateur photographer
Pogonology: South African men and their facial hair - As portrayed in photographs from the Victorian era
Unacclaimed South African Railway Photographers (1894 -1940)
A remarkable Pretorian: Photographer Dotman Pretorius (1917-1999)
More than a century ago: “Toen en Nu” (Then and Now) - A poem by Ompie
Visual Reflection on Pretoria’s early places of Worship - 1857 to the end of the 1920s
Anglo-Boer War Stereo Photographs - Produced by Keystone View Company
Johannesburg based artist’s 1960s photographic portfolio resurfaces
“In Memoriam” - Significance of the photograph during the mourning process
Century old photographs reveal the story of James Gribble, Paarl based photographer
Construction of Graaff-Reinet’s Van Ryneveld’s Pass Dam Wall (1920-1925) - Three photographic collections present a historic engineering narrative
A South African Maritime Catastrophe photographed
East London's Father of Photography - Osborne Morley (1850-1926)
Botched South African amateur snapshots (1920s - 1940s)
Anglo-Boer War Stereo Photographs Produced by B.W. Kilburn & Co
Pretoria Railway Station depicted on early Picture Postcards
Matters Piscatorial: Fishermen’s story of significance - The Lilliecrona Photo album
Carl Bluhm's contribution to early Eastern Cape photography - A career tragically cut short
South Africa’s Three Photographers named Kisch (1863 – 1902)
Diamond Smugglers' Aircraft on a Deserted Beach - Unravelling the story around discarded crime scene photographs
George Washington Wilson - The man, The Company and The Photographers
Operators of “Mirrors with Memory” South African Photographers (1846 to 1915)
Use of vintage photographs in narrating visual history - Beitbridge under construction (1928 – 1930)
Sit! Stay! More than a century ago - South African pet canines in front of the lens
Dormant Graaff-Reinet Museum Photographic Collection sees the light - Roe & Son studio images of the local Black community
Where there was gold there were photographers - Barberton Goldrush
Latent South African Visual History - Magic lantern slides
The Caney Legacy - Early Durban based family of photographers
Passionate about tennis - A South African photo album of historical significance (1909 - 1913)
It’s a match! Early Tweddill photograph and portrait painting matched
Let’s Play - South African children photographed with their Victorian & Edwardian toys
Tram Spotting - Pretoria Tram Services as depicted on early Picture Postcards (1900s to 1920s)
Ten South African based German Missionaries Photographed
The Kodak Girl - South African Film Wallets (1910s to 1960s)
South Africa’s Oldest Bank - An epic photographic journey
Forbidden Images (1960s to 1980s) - Illegal photographs captured by young men conscripted into the South African Military
Summer holidays, Sunshine, Swimwear, Suntan lotion and Sand buckets - South African Beach Photographers (1930s to 1960s)
Anglo-Boer War - Stereo Photographs produced by Underwood & Underwood 
South African Pavement Photographs (1930s to 1960s) - A Nostalgic reflection
Café Bibles: Contemporary Photographic Africana - Photo-stories / Fotoverhale (1950s to 1980s)
Early Ethno-Photography and the Picture Postcard - A South African perspective
Photographers active in Pretoria - First 60 years (1855-1915)
Burgers Park - A Victorian Heritage (As portrayed in picture postcards from more than a century ago)
Perfect nuisance and as mad as a hatter - Rudolf Gottfried Steger, Pretoria based photographer from 1898-1919
Snapshot Photography - Automobiles photographed in South Africa from the 1920s to 1960s
Hunter and hunted photographed - Early South African hunting photographs (1860s to 1910)
Carl Friedrich Adolf Wundram - Piet Retief’s only recorded photographer between the 1890s and 1910
William Roe (1827-1916) - Long serving Graaff-Reinet based photographer
The South African Victorian photo album (early 1860s into the early 1900s)
An elegant lady photographed - Hildagonda Johanna Duckitt (1839 to 1905)
Deep-level mining photography: The Elusive Neilson Brothers demystified - with additional information on James Wilbur Read
Documents saved from a rubbish dump reveal snippets of the life of Gerardus Bodde
A reflection on the South African Real Photo Postcard (RPPC) -  1902 to the 1930's
Six Photographs - 103 Prisoners of War: Some Anglo-Boer War Prisoners of War photographed
JC Munro - Pretoria's longest serving photographer during the turn of the 20th century
On the lighter side - Some funny and peculiar South African vintage photographs
Anglo-Zulu War 1879 - Some personalities photographed
“Presumably a criminal is not always a criminal” - Wakkerstroom’s photographic artist Maximillian Alfred Daubert (1865-1951)
Henri Ferdinand Gros - Pretoria’s first permanently based photographer, 1875 to 1890
Unique Photographs from the Boer War
The elusive Neilson brothers - Early 20th century deep-level mining photographers
South African “Cartomania” - a photographic phenomenon
Researchers excited by exceptional photographic find
A Reflection on Female Photographers active in South Africa prior to 1915
Tintypes - The poor man’s photograph
A Dutch Accolade from a Field Ambulance volunteer praising a Boer war officer
A post Boer War letter from a Rooinek to a Dutch Girl
Stereo Photography - Mesmerising viewers since 1851
Early 20th Century Asylum photography in South Africa
Postmortem Photography in South Africa
Early Missionary Photography in the Namaqualand