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More gold comes from the southern half of Western Australia than from South Africa
The Richest Goldfield in the World turns 135
New Lease of Life for Giant Mining Stamp from 1886
William English - From Trapper Boy to Toff
The Epic March of 7 000 Zulu Workers
Cape Peninsular - Manganese Hikes and Mines
Diamond Smugglers' Aircraft on a Deserted Beach - Unravelling the story around discarded crime scene photographs
Alluvial Diamond Digging at Holpan
Frans Beleni – underground man
The first re-discovery of gold in the Transvaal
Kenneth Birch and his appreciation of the Witwatersrand Mining landscape
A short sharp history of the Marikana Railway Station, est. 1910
Racing in the shadows of mine dumps: Black African cycle sport on South Africa's gold mines in the apartheid era
The Gold Rushes of the Victorian Era
The search for gold in the Free State
The Hostels and Compounds of Cullinan
The Mining Link Connecting Simon van der Stel to Herbert Hoover
Cullinan Mine - Open Pit and Haulage
Visiting the Historic Primrose Cemetery (Germiston)
The Cullinan Diamond and other remarkable stones from the Premier / Cullinan Mine
Stories from a Diamond Mine - The Early Days
The Cemetery at Winkelhaak Mine
Prospecting for gold in the 21st century
The 1960 Coalbrook Disaster
A paper on the origins of the original Witwatersrand Gold Fields with special reference to the Witwatersrand Ridge
Old stamp mills finally go home
Deep-level mining photography: The Elusive Neilson Brothers demystified - with additional information on James Wilbur Read
The elusive Neilson brothers - Early 20th century deep-level mining photographers
Where have all the mine dumps gone?
The Pyrites Panic - When one in three citizens left Johannesburg
Finding the missing link in the Gold Fields Collection
One of the Cape’s most remarkable early mining ventures
Hidden Treasures of the Riemland
Vogelstruisbult Tragedy - An abandoned Springs Gold Mine
End of an era for historic mining firm
The early history of Port Nolloth
Destroyed ERPM Mining Village - Some practical thoughts
Unanswered Questions 120 Years after the Great Braamfontein Dynamite Explosion
Early Settlers and Prospectors in Sandton
Hard Rock Mining in South Africa - The Cornish Connection
Mining Headgears - Pure Functionality Ruling over Beauty
Pilgrim's Rust - Tracing the Tramway
Struben Monument Destroyed but not Forgotten
Why we should not waste effort maintaining this important heritage site
George Harrison Park - A Battle Lost?
A Depressing Visit to George Harrison Park