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Sunday, October 23, 2016 - 08:15

[Originally published in June 2015]. By the end of the first quarter of 2016 work on the landmark Stuttafords Building on the corner of Rissik and Pritchard Streets in central Johannesburg should be complete. The building is being transformed from abandoned retail space into upmarket residential units (approximately 120). We are ecstatic that this project is underway after a series of false dawns in the last few years.

On Thursday we were lucky enough to be taken on a tour of the building by Renney Plit, Director: Operations at Afhco. Below are a few notes and photographs from our visit.

We arrived on site just after ten on a very crisp winter morning. It was fantastic to see scaffolding erected for the restoration of the façade and workers buzzing around the site.


Scaffolding in place for restoration of the facade (The Heritage Portal)


A flurry of activity on site (The Heritage Portal)


Workmen begin their day (The Heritage Portal)


Future tenants are in for a treat. The views to the north and west are spectacular. Looking north you can see the Trades Hall, Dorchester Mansions, Ansteys and Manners Mansions among others. To the west (south west) residents will look over the historic heart of the city.


Stunning view up Rissik Street (The Heritage Portal)


Imagine having this view from your apartment. Looking over Beyers Naude Square and the Library with the Gauteng Legislature visible on the left. (The Heritage Portal)


Some tenants will also have this close-up view of the Barbican Building (The Heritage Portal)


Engineers are giving the building a thorough inspection to ensure that it will be ready for its new use. It was a treat to see the original steel frame in a number of places.


Shot of the original steel frame (The Heritage Portal)


Another shot of the steel beams (The Heritage Portal)


Project Manager 'Scotty' explains various engineering aspects of the project (The Heritage Portal)


The developers are working closely with architect Robin Fee to preserve as many historic features as possible. These will contribute to the unique experience of living in the Stuttafords Building.


Handrails will be preserved wherever possible (The Heritage Portal)


Another example (The Heritage Portal)


Brass window handles (The Heritage Portal)


Old lift entrance (The Heritage Portal)


Looking inside the old lift shaft. This will be closed up. (The Heritage Portal)


The old elevator cage (The Heritage Portal)


One lucky tenant will have the iconic dome as a priceless feature of their unit. Although rentals have not yet been set we wouldn't be surprised if there was a healthy premium for this one!


The iconic dome (The Heritage Portal)


Looking up inside the Stuttafords dome (The Heritage Portal)


We are incredibly excited to watch this project progress in the coming months.


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