Morbid Musings - Marie-Louise Rouget

I am an Archivist in my day job, based in Ireland, but from South Africa (Gauteng/ Cape Town). I am concerned about the lack of upkeep and site management in South Africa's cemeteries overall, especially those of recognised heritage significance. I am researching and writing about these themes, but hope to connect with others who are knowledgable in this area to turn the research into action items. Most recently, I have been researching the Old Slave Cemetery in Paarl - a Grade IIIA heritage resource (local interest) that has been cut off from the public by private home owners and neglected by the Drakenstein Municipality. I've also published an academic paper about the state of South Africa's records management in public cemeteries (click here to read).

Contact Person: 
Marie-Louise Rouget
Service Area: 
Western Cape

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