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Friday, February 12, 2016 - 15:36

About five years ago I stumbled over weeds and litter to get a glimpse of the crumbling Edwardian Lavatory in Newtown. I wondered how many more times I would be able to visit the heritage gem before the forces of neglect consumed her. When Atterbury announced its plans for the massive Newtown Junction development I prayed that this would mean a second life for the historic structure. Thankfully my prayers were answered and the developers along with their heritage consultants kept the building safe and secure during three years of construction.

In a few weeks time a new bar and eatery will call the lavatory home. This kind of adaptive reuse must be applauded. We trust patrons will fall in love with this unique venue!

Below are photographs taken over a period of just over three years. They reveal the changing environment around Newtown's Famous Edwardian Lavatory. Enjoy!



Photo taken in early 2012 showing the poor state of the structure (The Heritage Portal)


A different angle taken on the same day (The Heritage Portal)


The lavatory teeters on the edge during the early stages of the deep excavation at Newtown Junction (The Heritage Portal)


The hole gets deeper and deeper! January 2013 (The Heritage Portal)


The lavatory circa June 2013. Note the cupola was removed by this stage for safekeeping (The Heritage Portal)


Newtown Junction rises above the lavatory by March 2014 (The Heritage Portal)


A close up shot taken in March 2014 (The Heritage Portal)


Newtown Junction approaching completion in September 2014 (The Heritage Portal)


Another angle on the same day (The Heritage Portal)


And another (The Heritage Portal)


The lavatory in October 2014. Note the return of the cupola (The Heritage Portal)


Another angle on the same day (The Heritage Portal)


Inside the lavatory in October 2014 (The Heritage Portal)



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