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This exciting outing will be happening on 11 May. Some interesting statistics:

  • The Natal Road to Barberton was in use for 13 years from 1884 until about 1897.
  • At the height of activity 3,000 wagons a month used the road.
  • Mathers in 1887, on a 5-day coach trip, passed 500 - 600 laden wagons en route to Barberton.
  • A report in the “Natal Witness” dated 14 December 1886 described 500 wagons delayed at the impassable shoot.
  • Another report stated that some wagons took up to a month to get through the shoot.


Typical difficulties along the route


Arrangements as follows:

  • Meet at either
    • 07:00 at KLCBT’s office at Crossing (next to the new Mr. Price) or
    • 08:00 at Gin Creek Dam clubhouse on Glenthorpe plantation.
  • Both access roads into Glenthorpe are currently in good condition: 
    • from the T-junction turnoff to Badplaas proceed 6.7km along the R38 or
    • from the T-junction turnoff to Badplaas proceed 13.4km along the R38 and take the turnoff at Frantzinasrust
    • turn into Sappi’s premises at the huge ‘Boeing Tail’ signboard and follow signboards to Gin Creek Dam.
  • Vehicles with high ground clearance are essential.
  • We will have to do some walking so good shoes and/or walking sticks are advised.
  • Hats and sun cream are recommended.
  • Picnic lunch and chairs and/or tables.
  • Please try and share transport to reduce the size of the convoy and save on fuel.
  • The outing will begin with a presentation at the clubhouse and end with a picnic lunch at the top of the mountain at Groenewald’s Hotel.
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