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Monday, December 4, 2017 - 07:01

Earlier this year I wrote a piece highlighting a few amazing places to see the Joburg skyline (click here to view). Since then I have received several requests to do something similar for Sandton so here it is. If you know of any great places not mentioned, please add them in the comments section.

St Stithians School

Saints is one of the places that most Sandtonites will identify as having great skyline views. In my opinion the best spot is above the dam a short walk from Higher Ground (the restaurant - click here to view location). The combination of the dam, sports fields, school buildings and then the skyline is iconic.


View from above the Saints dam (The Heritage Portal)


Bryanston Shopping Centre

This is one of my favourite views of Sandton. I love how the buildings rise from the green of the urban forest and River Club golf course. I've been taking photos from the same spot for some time and will continue to do so for years to come (click here to view location). The plan in a few decades time is to create a very cool time lapse video showing the growth of Sandton.


View from Bryanston Shopping Centre (The Heritage Portal)


Innes Free Park

A short distance from the Grayston off-ramp (M1) lies the wonderful Innes Free Park (click here to view location). The views are pretty special but the one downside is that the Sandton City Tower is partially hidden from most angles.


Sandton City is hiding (The Heritage Portal)


A broader view (The Heritage Portal)


Delta Park

Another park that provides visitors with a great view of the skyline is Delta Park (click here to view location). The cool thing about Delta is that you also get a view of Rosebank and the Joburg CBD. 


Sandton silhouette from Delta Park (The Heritage Portal)


Portion of the Joburg skyline from Delta Park (The Heritage Portal)


Kallenbach Drive

Kallenbach Drive is a Johannesburg gem (click here to view location). It is beautifully engineered, has great historical significance, is lined with magnificent houses and reveals unique geoheritage. On top of all this it provides a very special view of Sandton. On a clear day you can see all the way to the Magaliesburg. 


Sandton from Kallenbach Drive. If you look closely you can see the Magaliesburg mountains in the distance. (The Heritage Portal)


Katy's Palace Bar

Nestling in Kramerville northeast of the Sandton CBD is Katy's Palace Bar, an exotic venue with a spectacular view of the skyline (click here to view location). If you haven't been able to sneak an invite to one of the events held at Katy's then just pop in for a coffee or cocktail and count the cranes!


Zoomed in shot of the skyline from Katy's (The Heritage Portal)


Full skyline from the top floor of Katy's (The Heritage Portal)


From the top of a high-rise

Several buildings within the Sandton CBD provide great views of the surrounding city. The higher the better but access can be tricky (keep your eyes peeled for tours offered by GIfA or Photowalkers). I was lucky enough to be able to take a few pics from the top of the Radisson the other day.


Sandton's major towers including the rising Leonardo on the right (The Heritage Portal)


Looking down Rivonia Road towards Grayston Drive (The Heritage Portal)


Infrastructure Photos

The final entry on my list is a little different. One of the websites I love to visit is Infrastructure Photos. There are some incredible aerial views of individual buildings and the broader CBD. Click here to take a look.

I'm sure I have missed some obvious places so please fill in the gaps in the comments section below.


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