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The Border Historical Society is hosting a presentation by David Robbins, a visiting travel writer from Johannesburg. David will  talk on 'How History Enriches Travel Writing'. Happening on Thursday 17 March 2022 at 19H00 at the MCL Hall at the East London Museum

David Robbins was born in East London in June 1940. He has published twenty-five books, including travel, history, biography, fiction and socio-political analysis. Best known as a travel writer, he has travelled extensively in South Africa and the continent beyond.

He won South Africa's coveted CNA Literary Award after being short-listed with J M Coetzee and Christopher Hope in 1986, a feat to which he refers as ‘beginners luck’. 

Then, in 2010, he received a Lifetime Achievement Literary Award from the South African Ministry of Arts and Culture. This honour he describes as ‘quite a surprise’. The prize money that accompanied the award went towards travel in north-east Africa, the Middle East, India, and South-east Asia for a major travel book entitled Walking to Australia.

Now he’s back where he began, but still very much with a notebook in hand.

For information and to book - border.historical.society@gmail.com

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