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HASA is proud to announce the Johan Bergh Historia Award to the top third year student in History at participating universities. This award is in recognition of Prof Johan Bergh, who was president of HASA for over two decades, and is in line with his on-going commitment to promote History at postgraduate level. The winners will receive a year’s subscription to Historia and their names will be announced in the first issue of Historia in the subsequent year.

All departments of History at universities in South Africa offering postgraduate studies in History are eligible to participate. The selection of the winner is an internal decision by the respective department chairs and their colleagues. The names of the winners must be sent to the Editor of Historia by 1 December of each year. Electronic award forms are available from the secretary of HASA at hasa@up.ac.za

The HASA executive board looks forward to showcasing our top achievers in their third year of study and trusts that this achievement will encourage them to pursue their study of History at postgraduate level.

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