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Museums establish powerful narratives of progress and primitivism, knowledge and ignorance, inclusion and exclusion.

Museum Management and Curatorship training course gives you the chance to acquire key foundational skills in curating and a solid grasp of the related issues. You will benefit from an intensive week studying current issues and practices in curating.

The course shares best practice and expertise in various aspects of museum studies, cultural management, exhibition practice and care of collections.

This course will highlight in-depth how to make history come alive, create meaningful stories by documenting and preserving our heritage for the society of today and future generations.

Museum Managers and Curators don't just preserve the relics, stories, and memorabilia of the past.  They animate it and interpret it, bringing history to life for people of all ages and stages.

This training considers the meaning, purposes and impact of museums. It looks at the value of objects, histories of museums as well as issues in relation to governance, museum ethics, social policies and display. It draws on key debates in the museum sector both nationally and internationally and encourages students to reflect upon the potential of museums.


  • Select objects and create coherent narratives with them.
  • Acquire real world experience of working in a museums and galleries
  • Advance your knowledge of contemporary developments in vibrant and sophisticated area of culture, arts and heritage
  • Develop your own interest and gain valuable research and practice-based skills.
  • Engage constructively in current debates concerning curatorship and its changing nature
  • Identify some of the challenges faced by the museum and gallery curator today.

Who Should Attend?

This Museum Management and Curatorship training course is ideal for:

  • Museum professionals
  • Conservators
  • Collection Managers
  • Curators
  • Archivists
  • Scholars
  • Site Managers
  • Maintenance Staff
  • Students
  • Educators and Consultants who examine current issues in-depth and provide up-to-date research,  analysis and commentary on developments in museum practice.
  • Both academics and museum practitioners

For more information or to book email - info@zambezipride.co.za

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