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Opening: Welcome and explanation what the motivation for this forum is, how it should move forward, who wants to participate, when it should come together etc.

Anchor Address: Presentation by Trish Emmett about the work she is currently doing on the Point.

Matters of current interest or concern:

  • Robert Brusse : 216 Old Main Road, Malvern. An example of re-construction in contravention of all permits
  • Robert Brusse : burnt buildings in Hebburn Road, Seaview. The practice of abandoning buildings until a fire resolves "outstanding issues".

Technical matters: To be advised

Report back on previously raised issues: N/A

Application matters: To be advised

First scheduled meeting on the 26th January 2016 at the KZNIA office at 15h30. For further information contact Robert Brusse on 031 465 11578

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