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In August 2020, the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture appointed Administrators in relation to the National Heritage Council after its Council had been dissolved following allegations made by a whistleblower against its previous CEO, that implicated some Council members. A new Council was appointed in December 2020. The new Council and Administrators were tasked with, amongst other things, engaging Forensic Investigators to give consideration to allegations of maladministration and corruption at the Council in light of, a whistle-blowing report.

The National Heritage Council is pleased to advise that the Forensic Investigation commissioned by it has been concluded. It has revealed several incidents of corruption and the circumvention of policies and procedures, many of which appear to be designed or at least have the effect of unlawful enrichment of various parties. Incidents of irregular expenditure have also been confirmed. The Forensic Report has recommended that disciplinary actions were appropriate as well as the referral of various aspects to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. The Council is taking action pursuant to this Report. Before the commencement of the forensic investigation, the previous CEO resigned.

The National Heritage Council remains committed to transparent and sound governance aimed at ensuring the Country’s heritage is protected and promoted. The new Council has resolved to take a zero tolerance approach to corruption and maladministration.

Issued by the Chairperson of the National Heritage Council of South Africa, Mr Edgar Neluvhalani.

For media enquiries: Danny Legodi (Head: Communication & Stakeholder Relations) at 072 952 2260, danny@nhc.org.za

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