ACO Associates

ACO Associates is a private company specialising in archaeological and more general heritage specialist studies and assessments. We provide Heritage and Archaeological Impact Assessment services to a range of clients in order for them to comply with Environmental and Heritage Legislation. Our principal business is Archaeological and Heritage Impact Assessments arising from the requirements of the National Heritage Resources Act (Act 25 of 1999), and frequently fulfilling the requirements of Environmental Impact Assessments.

With the accumulated experience of our consultants going back to 1988, and having completed over 1000 projects, ACO Associates is equipped to handle assignments ranging from detailed, sensitive archaeological excavations, to large-scale field surveys and assessments of historic places. We will work anywhere where our skills can be effectively used both in South Africa and abroad.

We frequently work on projects with multidisciplinary teams and understand the need to provide efficient service and meet deadlines.

Service Area: 
Western Cape
Free State
Eastern Cape
North West
Northern Cape

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