Does anyone have a photograph of the brick-making operation that existed from sometime in the 1890s to about 1930 straddling an area which is now jointly demarcated as Albertskroon, Albert's Farm and Waterval Estate? This was a large enough enterprise that capital was being raised in London in the late 1890s to construct a 'tramway' (probably to be operated with small steam locomotives) from the brickyard to the mines south of the Johannesburg central business district.  (The Anglo-Boer War intervened and the project never materialised.)  

There are several buildings, now private residences and mostly hidden behind a high wall, that face south onto the east leg of the park along the Montgomery Spruit, that I suspect were originally company premises.  (If one drives north on De La Rey Road from 5th Street, the tops of the buildings can be seen above the wall.)  

A photograph of the brickyard would clear up their identity. 

Rob Allingham -

Sunday, May 12, 2019 - 07:07

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