St Aubyn's Blue Plaque Westcliff - Heritage Portal - 2013

A highly visible landmark on the peak of this ridge, notable features are the house, terraced gardens and extensive view. Plans were drawn by a Scottish architect, Alexander Forest from 1928 and the house was built by J.M. Fernandez, who recruited mineworkers from Mozambique - they were probably used in the construction of the terraces in the gardens. In 1950 Julius Missak bought it and over twenty years accumulated a collection of ceramics and library of French Classics which he bequethed to the Rand Afrikaans University on his death in 1980 on condition that they established a centre for Armenian and Flemish culture. It is distinctive for its fine garden setting, clearly Madeiran in tradition, and is of a typical Portugese design. In 2005 it was sold and the house, gardens and outbuildings were completely restored. 

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2 The Valley Road, Westcliff

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Entrance and Blue Plaque of St Aubyn's (William Martinson)


St Aubyn's (Kate Otten)