Parktown North Residents Association (PNRA)

The Parktown North Residents Association (PNRA) is a non-profit, apolitical association, run by a Management Committee who have volunteered their time and expertise to undertake activities that will enhance the well-being & character of the Parktown North suburb & community. As one of the older residential areas of the Northern Suburbs, Parktown North has many beautiful homes that are over 60 to 100 years old. These buildings are protected by the National Heritage and Resources Act. Plans to alter or demolish any part of the building needs to be submitted for approval – firstly, to the PNRA for a comment letter; this comment letter then forms part of the second submission, which goes to PHRA-G. Once authorised by PHRA-G, the plans can be submitted to the Building Control Department at the City Of Johannesburg. Failure to follow the process can results in delays of months on the build project. Failure to submit plans for both PHRA-G and building control approval could also result in criminal charges.

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