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We are interested in the principles that underlie great architecture – ancient, classical and modern.  As architects in Africa, however, our architecture and urban design seek to reflect this heritage. We respect the architectural traditions of South Africa, both imported and indigenous. We believe that our architecture should allow and encourage people to attach meaning to their spaces.  Our wish is that they would inhabit architectural dwellings with delight and be able to freely exercise choice in doing so. Architecture has a responsibility to the city, the landscape and the earth.  We thoroughly consider the site and its context.  We want our buildings to be good neighbours and well-behaved in the open countryside.  Sometimes, though, buildings need to be boisterous. We are convinced that architecture is not only the preserve of rare and special buildings, but also serves the everyday and every man equally. Therefore architecture must offer value and be affordable.  In our practice we lavish the same attention on small projects as on large commissions.

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