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On Tuesday 26 April you may visit the old TPA Building with Architect Adriaan Louw, an inner city building expert, as our guide (f.o.c.). Should you wish to participate please phone Elsie Botha, our charming committee member who arranged  this tour, on 084 603 5049 or email her at guttera@netactive.co.za on or before Friday April 15. Booking is essential. We depart at 12:00 (sharp) from Café Riche, Church Square.

Please note:  there is no electricity so the lifts don’t work and Adriaan is going to take us up to the 13th floor for a specific reason inter alia the fantastic few of the city!

The TPA building is a typical and excellent example of a modernist civic building and very important to us now that Munitoria was recently imploded notwithstanding our conservation efforts. 

It once housed the ‘old Pretoria room’ on 11th floor and many works of art by contempory artist of the time.

After the 1994 elections the government seat moved to Johannesburg and thereafter became underutilized due to its strong reference to previous governments rule. (Ablewiki: Transvaal Provincial Administration- WikiUP)

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