I am pleased to confirm that we are now ready to receive orders for my new books. Frontier Land and This Day in History are priced at just R275 each. Postage is a mere R99 anywhere throughout South Africa using the Send and Collect Parcel Service via any PEP store.

As a thank you for being amongst the first to order the signed limited editions, we are offering a special promotion that you can purchase both books now for just R495!!

In addition you may order up to 10 books at this reduced price for the same postage cost. That’s right, you pay the same for postage if you order just one or several books now! (International orders can also be arranged)

Please email me at dean@deanallen.co.za with your order details as below:

Your Name: _________________

Mobile No: __________________

Chosen Package Number: ________________ (see options below) (NB. For Package 4, please specify how many copies of each book required)

PEP Store Collection Address: __________________


  1. Frontier Land R374 (R275 + R99)
  2. This Day In History R374 (R275 + R99)
  3. Both books R594 (R495 + R99)
  4. Multiple (2 or more) copies of either book R247.50 per copy. Postage R99 up to and including 10 books. (Please specify how many copies of each book required).

For example:

  • 3 copies of either book (or a combination of both): 3 x R247.50 = R742.50 + R99 Postage = Total Cost R841.50
  • 5 copies of either book (or a combination of both): 5 x R247.50 = R1237.50 + R99 Postage = Total Cost R1336.50

Books expected to be ready by the end of October 2021.

I look forward to receiving your orders via email: dean@deanallen.co.za

Enjoy the books!


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Sunday, September 26, 2021 - 20:37

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