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On 10 July 1984, the Alabama Cinema was demolished to make way for a commercial development and a post office on the corner of Loop and Pepper. The cinema was an iconic institution, frequented by many Capetonians.  It was the nearest cinema to the Bo-Kaap and it is remembered as a kind of entertainment sanctuary. After a lengthy resistance campaign, Justine Farber, the manager of the cinema was eventually ordered by a court of law to leave the premises. The eviction order came during the screening of Firepower, the 1979 film starring Sophia Loren, James Coburn and O.J. Simpson.  The film was interrupted and patrons were ordered to leave in order for demolition to proceed.

We remember the Alabama Cinema with an intervention which will include the screening of Firepower, an exhibition of archival material and the release of the publication series: Pumflet - art, architecture and stuff. It will take place inside Sir Charles’ Trading Store and Einstein Cellphone Services, corner of Loop and Pepper.

The first edition of Pumflet is dedicated to the memory of the Alabama Cinema and to alternative space.


DATE - Thrusday 7 April 2016

TIME - 19H00

MEET - Sir Charles’ Trading Store and Einstein Cellphone Services, corner of Loop and Pepper



The Pumfleteers is a collective established by artist Kemang Wa Lehulere and architect Ilze Wolff. It exists to publish interventions into the social imaginary.

Pumflet: art, architecture and stuff will be available at the intervention 'Daar gaan die Alabama'.



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