This Heritage Month we're on the hunt for South Africa's heritage heroes. Nominations for this year’s Simon van der Stel awards must reach us by 20 September 2021. Click here to nominate.

About the awards

The National Council of the Heritage Association of South Africa has for many years rewarded individuals and organisations who have given unstintingly of their time and expertise to conserve South Africa’s heritage resources and who, in the words of the preamble to the National Heritage Resources Act, have by their example “encourage[d] communities to nurture and conserve their legacy so that they may be bequeathed to future generations”.

The awards recognise outstanding conservation efforts across South Africa as adjudged by a distinguished panel of heritage and conservation experts. All societies or bodies affiliated with HASA and the general public are asked to nominate individuals, or bodies, that they believe warrant awards. A panel of heritage conservation experts are appointed each year to consider the nominations and recommend deserving winners to the HASA Council.

There are three awards made by HASA, namely the Simon van der Stel Gold Medal, the Simon van der Stel Gold Certificate and the national Award of Merit. The Gold Medal Award is given to an individual, while the Gold Certificate is awarded to an organisation. Both are regarded as the premier awards of HASA. The third award category, the National Award of Merit, is presented to an individual who has made a worthwhile contribution to heritage conservation in South Africa.

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