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At the AGM of the JHF held on 30th July 2022, Brett McDougall was presented with the Johannesburg Heritage Lifetime Honorary Membership Award acknowledging his contribution to the work of the Johannesburg Heritage Foundation over the last decade. Brett served as Chairman of the JHF from 2015 to 2018. He expanded the influence of the Joint Plans Committee by creating the JPC East for Johannesburg’s eastern suburbs and he has chaired that committee for the last four years. He also served as treasurer of the JHF since 2018.


Brett McDougall receiving his award from Kathy Munro


Brett has been an outstanding lecturer and tour guide, researching and developing new tours. In the arena of Social Media, Brett modernized the JHF and continues to run our Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter accounts. He was very active regarding the Johannesburg Bus Rapid Transit system (BRT) and its impact on the heritage of the areas through which it was routed. He has formulated a JHF position on the redevelopment of Patterson Park and pressed for the preparation of  proper heritage assessments.

Brett also led the projects on the rehabilitation of Hilson Bridge, House Bleloch and the Orange Grove Waterfall. In addition to this he was heavily involved in trying to solve the problems of the Johannesburg Art Gallery.


An old postcard of the Orange Grove Waterfall


The site rehabilitated (David Fleminger)


Even though Brett has relocated to Cape Town he remains a committed player in Johannesburg Heritage and the JHF.

The prestigious Honorary Lifetime certificate  reads:

Awarded to Brett McDougall for his Contribution as Chairman, Treasurer, Financial planner, Tour leader and researcher.

Brett has chaired the Johannesburg Joint Plans Committee East for many  years. He has shown outstanding dedication and service to the Foundation and to Johannesburg for a decade.

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