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Did you know that many place names like Tsitsikamma, Kamdeboo, Gamtoos, Kariega, Karoo, Leeugamka Goudini, Prieska are from the KHOIKHOI GOWAS or language?

Many SA words like dagga, kwagga, komma, kamma, aba, aitsa, nai are from KHOIKHOI, A First language of South Africa.

KHOIKHOI is the language that greeted everyone to this land, the language of Krotoa, Sarah Baartman and Dawid Stuurman, a language we've almost forgotten and yet she has been with us all this time. 

Today you can buy your KHOIKHOI First language book from several outlets including:

  • Aitsa books
  • Clarke's Books in Long Street
  • The Book lounge in Roeland Street
  • Wordsworth books
  • Amazon (click here)
  • Google Books (click here

You can also order your copy or enquire about the basic KHOIKHOI course by emailing Toroga, breda2007@gmail.com.

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