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The Swellendam Heritage Association AGM will be held on 10th June at 18h00 in the Drostdy Schuur. After the AGM (which will be short and sweet) and our eminent speaker has completed his fascinating talk, we will partake in delicious homemade soup, buttered bread and a glass or two of wine or juice. All at no charge! We really hope you will attend, as this is the first "live" AGM we have been able to hold in 2 years.

For catering purposes, please RSVP by Tuesday evening 7th June - info@swellendamheritage.org.za

We have a brilliant speaker for you in the person of Professor Michael de Jongh. Mike is no stranger to SHA, he has addressed us in the past. He is a prominent anthropologist who extensively researches the forgotten, and even 'invisible' South Africans. Primarily, the Khoekhoen and San. He is  also the author of a series of books. However, this time Mike will be talking about a somewhat forgotten South African, a rebellious, religious desperado. The fascinating saga and enigma of Coenraad de Buys (1761-1821).

Coenraad, was born in 1761 near Montague, and was destined to leave an indelible imprint on South Africa's 'humanscape'. Coenraad 'took', married or cohabited with a diversity of women including Maria Van der Horst (of mixed descent), Xhosa chief Ngqika's mother, and also the sister (renamed, Elizabeth) of Mzilikazi king of the Ndebele, whom he formally married in Swellendam in 1812!

Given De Buys' involvement in the Eastern Cape Frontier Wars, cattle raiding and illicit bartering, Governor Macartney put a 100 Rix-dollars dead-or-alive reward on his head!! But, let me not give the whole plot away. Do come and listen to this interesting biography of Coenraad de Buys and his progeny, the Buys people.

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