Thursday, October 6, 2022 - 00:00

Many of you will be familiar with such names as Van Huysteen, Van Rooyen, Harker and Newdigate- to name but a few of the figures and families who are woven into the very fabric of Plettenberg Bay.

From woodcutters and farmers to residents, artisans, and landed gentry, Mike Kantey will be telling us about the lives of these and other early Dutch and English settlers who found themselves in our bay over 250 years ago – so far from home and in such wild and beautiful settings.

We are looking forward to welcoming Mike Kantey as our guest speaker. A very knowledgeable and well-known local historian, Mike was for some years an active and valued member of our committee. Inspired by the late Professor Andrew Duminy, he continues to showcase our ancient origins and diverse modern history through his annual Watercourse History Festival in Plettenberg Bay, now in its fourth year.

We look forward to learning more about some of the figures who played such an important role in those early days and whose legacy lives on.

For further information: please email info@pletthistory.org


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