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We have decided to offer Point Walking Tours again in response to numerous requests from our valued patrons. However, we would like to kindly inform you that, at this time, 'The Tunnel,' which is often considered our hidden gem, is still temporarily inaccessible. Nevertheless, we have an abundance of captivating facts and informative content to share and look forward to providing you with a memorable tour despite this temporary limitation.

Durban Point is a historic hidden gem, renowned for its rich history and breathtaking urban transformation. It’s evolved from a neglected precinct into a showcase of both old Victorian and modern architecture, creating a photographer’s paradise.

Whilst this area has undoubtedly undergone significant redevelopment and urban revitalization, many of the historical buildings have been retained, repurposed, or integrated into the fabric of the Precinct. These structures provide a glimpse into Durban’s past and add to the area’s appeal as a historical and cultural destination.

  • R275,00 per person.
  • Sunday 3rd December, Sunday 17th December, Friday 29th December
  • Email info@durbanwalkingtours.co.za to book
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