SDKS Architects is a design practice that specializes in both contemporary and heritage architecture, run by Stephen Dugmore and Karin Dugmore Ström. The practice has a vibrant portfolio including both new buildings and adaptive reuse. Excellent detail design, and attention to site context are key offerings. The team is highly skilled in BIM and image creation software. SDKS is experienced in user-friendly conservation specifications for building contractors, and the full range of heritage reporting required for approvals.

For SDKS, heritage is about designing with the understanding that our world is in flux. New lifestyles, ways of working and technologies are emerging. The need for environmental sustainability has come to the fore. Re-imagining existing spaces, and adapting them to meet these needs can sometimes mean maximising the value of existing buildings, or in other cases, a site may need a completely new vision. Sensible demolition or deconstruction can open fresh avenues for revitalisation.

Academic involvement and public roles lend strength to work in practice. Karin and Stephen have been design lecturers and examiners over many years, and Karin is a regular contributor to the MPhil in Conservation of the Built Environment programme at UCT. Karin has been Chair of Heritage Western Cape’s Built Environment and Landscape Committee (BELCOM), and worked at the City of Cape Town’s heritage branch. 

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