Please join me on a previously unexplored part of the Battlefield where most of the fighting took place. The Earl of Airlie was killed here after leading the last traditional cavalry charge in the history of the British Army. On the second day of fighting, Winston Churchill discovered an unguarded Kloof and hid on the ridge a stone's throw from a Boer Fort. Using his walking stick and a white handkerchief, he signalled the way forward to General Ian Hamilton and his Mounted Infantry Division.

Diamonds were discovered by Schuller, a young German Prospector in 1897, hence the place is called "Diamond Hill". Explore old diamond processing workings near the base of the Kloof which I re-discovered this month!

  • Date: Sunday 23rd May 2021 starting at 08h30
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  • 08h00 – 08h30 Meet at Rhino Park Airfield – the Mount Perry Diner. -25.9836794, 27.9834734
  • 08h30 – 09h00 Overview of the Battle of Diamond Hill/Dorkerhoek by expert Battlefield Guide, Rob Milne.
  • Short drive on good farm road to view Mors Kop and Tigerpoort and discuss their strategic importance during the battle.
  • View the Rhenosterfontein and Kleinfontein Ridges where most of the fighting took place.
  • See where General Botha extended a water furrow at the base of the ridge by digging a long trench – reinforcing it with sangars (skanse) and gun emplacements.
  • The fitter members of the tour group will follow the gorge up the ridge which Winston Churchill discovered and signalled the way forward to General Ian Hamilton, whilst concealed only 70 meters below a key Boer Fort.
  • The others will explore the Boer defences at the base of the ridge and see where the Earl of Airlie was killed whilst leading the 12 th Lancers in their charge to save the guns of “Q” Battery.
  • 12h30 return to the Restaurant for lunch.
  • 14h00 drive to the Military Cemetery at Kleinfontein and hear the story of David Ogilvy, the 11 th Earl of Airlie, and how his death was foretold by the sounds of the drum played by the ghostly drummer of Cortachy Castle the night before the battle.
  • The fitter members of the group can climb up the ridge to see the Boer Memorial and explore the Boer sangars and gun emplacements made 121 years ago. The others will hear anecdotes about the fall of Pretoria and the battle of Diamond Hill in the shelter of the big open rondavel until 16h00.
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Tuesday, May 18, 2021 - 12:38

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