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Join the perfect tour for an autumn day, this Saturday at 2pm. We begin with a short walk along the pretty Linden Stream, to see the upper pond and the cosmos last stand of 2022. We then visit a 1930s enclave – at one time a sewerage treatment facility for the north side of Johannesburg. There is the original waste water treatment building, a group of homes for municipal officials, and a workers’ compound, all built in the International Style which London chose for its underground and power stations at that same time – the Thirties. The sewerage plant was built in 1931 and became derelict in 1963. The main building was due for demolition but was reborn in the 1970s as a conservation centre. See how the old treatment plant vessel has been incorporated into the attractive environmental museum, where we will have a mini tour.

Tip your hat to the tallest palm trees in Johannesburg, and for an hour or two, imagine yourself back in the days when this was open farmland beyond our city. We then take a walk in the forest and look at the Art Deco houses, sadly in need of attention.

We walk to the Bird Sanctuary and on to the Braamfontein Spruit, with so many oaks, London Planes, and other trees in their autumn splendour.

The Delta Park entrance is easy to find. Going north along Barry Hertzog Avenue, which becomes Rustenburg Road then1st Avenue Linden, drive over the Westdene Spruit, pass King David School, and then turn right into Road No 3 at the Engen garage (opposite McDonalds). At the end you are facing one of the gates. Drive in, turn left, and drive to the Delta Environmental Centre where there is ample parking.

Please bring a change of shoes, as the park is very muddy after so much rain.

Anyone booked or planning to join should call the leaders before the start as this tour is very subject to the weather! 

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