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In honour of Human Rights weekend, the JHF celebrates the history of Dube, Soweto, and some of its famous residents.

Dube was envisaged as the first township where black residents would be able to design their own homes and it attracted many intellectuals and free spirits who yearned to be free of the little boxes available elsewhere.

In Pioneer Street, for example, we encounter professors, PHDs, and the legendary playwright and director Gibson Kente. We also visit a humble home that housed two famous couples: Dr. AB Xuma and his wife Kate (when they were evicted from Sophiatown) and Dr. Nthato Motlana and his wife Sally (who led the Committee of 10, an unofficial group of concerned citizens that was the only authority recognised in Soweto during the 1980s).

Dube also boasts many other famous names: Andrew Mlangeni, a cadre of MK who served 28 years on Robben Island; Business tycoon Richard Maponya, who started his first store just around the corner from his small home; and author Alan Paton, who was headmaster of nearby Diepkloof Reformatory.


Andrew Mlangeni Blue Plaque


This bus and walking tour through historic Dube is the perfect way to celebrate Human Rights Day! Bus departs from the Sunnyside Park Hotel.

  • Guides: Cheche Selepe, Flo Bird and David Gurney
  • Pricing from R300
  • Saturday 19 March 14h00-17h00
  • Meet at the Sunnyside Park Hotel
  • Click here to book
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