Saturday, March 12, 2022 - 00:00

Join me in City Hall next Sat 12 March, 10am to noon for an architectural tour by Dr Shaun Adendorff who knows it like the back of his hand. A director of Rennie | Scurr | Adendorff, Shaun was the project architect for the huge heritage, interiors and architectural programme spanning four years (all the more challenging with lockdown). As we go through the spaces, some not generally open to the public, Shaun will talk about the challenges, changes and history. He has some great stories, such as the R10 000 furniture found in the basement, unused for 30 years.

A vaccination centre just after it opened in 1905, concert venue (performers include Igor Stravinsky, Noël Coward, and Pretty Yende), banquets (Queen Elizabeth's 21st in 1947), court, public library, offices, film shoots...City Hall has been used for all sorts. It was where Mandela gave his first public speech just after he was freed after 27 years in prison, 11 Feb 1990; there is now an excellent Mandela exhibition which is where we'll end, hosted by Marc Smith who works for the City, full time on this. More info.

  • R250 each paying before Wed (9 March), then R330 each; free for two Culture Connect collaborators and long term unemployed.
  • Email Kate to book kate@cultureconnectsa.com
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