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On Thursday 22 September 2022,  the Heritage Committee of SAIA-KZN and members of the public in Durban celebrated the biennial Peter Louis Award for conservation of the built environment in KZN.

This year illuminated scrolls of recognition were jointly awarded to:

  • Dr. Len Rosenberg,  author, educator, researcher, and
  • Ms. Ros Devereux - Specialist Heritage Officer, KZN Amafa & Research Institute.

Details of their citations and the acceptance addresses follow below.

In addition, an exhibition of conservation-worthy projects in KZN was opened. On behalf of the SAIA-KZN Heritage Committee, you are invited to visit 160 Bulwer Road, Glenwood, Durban to view the exhibition of some fine examples of heritage and conservation work done by our members. The exhibition runs until 14 October 2022.

Dr. Lennard Glenn Rosenberg's citation reads as follows:

In recognition of his long-standing academic research, publications and exhibitions documenting places, neighbourhoods and communities often sidelined in the historical urban narratives of Durban.

The topic of his acceptance address was "Dirty Linen: Heritage, Whose Heritage?" He described the pitfalls and responses he encountered in researching the history of the inner-city district of Durban's Warwick Junction and Curries Fountain.  The history focuses on the achievements and culture of subaltern communities under the yolk of colonialism and under apartheid.

Ms. Roslyn Anne Devereux' citation reads as follows:

In recognition of her dedication to promoting and preserving KwaZulu-Natal’s built heritage through direct engagement with government, institutions, professionals and the public to mediate for equitable and sustainable solutions between conservation and development.

The topic of her acceptance address was "What goes around, comes around". She gave an account of her twenty-year involvement in administering conservation projects for a selection of 10 historic buildings in KZN, and the professional challenges such work faces.

Over-hasty assumptions by the architectural profession was highlighted as one of the challenges. Challenges in advancing conservation work with the vernacular architecture of this province and with sites and trails of the liberation struggle were mentioned too.

Main image: Ros Devereux, 2nd right, receiving her scroll from Sandisiwe Matole of Amafa.

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