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Tuesday, August 23, 2016 - 10:44
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Post Retief Military Barracks was the most northerly fort in the Lewis line of fortifications built along the Eastern Cape Frontier after the 6th Frontier War. It was built on the orders of Governor D'Urban and based on the design by the Royal Engineers' Charles Selwyn on the farm of Pieter Retief in the Winterberg. It is rapidly falling into disrepair and soon will be beyond saving. The Post Retief Barracks is one of the very few frontier war fortifications that is almost complete.

The stone complex comprises a central parade of one hectare and comprises important buildings such as the Officers Quarters with its masoned stones, lath and plaster ceilings, yellowwood posts and sneezewood lintels. It was contructed by the Royal Engineers and completed in early 1836. Other buildings include the old Stable complex, the Forge and Bakery and Soldiers Barracks. The old war graves lie a short distance from the post.

The facade of the old Stables and its back wall have shown great decay in the last few years. A section of the South wall fell over during heavy rain this year [2016]. The old lead roofing is degrading fast and the section that is salvageable should be conserved urgently . The Officers Quarters roof needs repair.

Extracts from the 2016 endangered heritage campaign.

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