Beyers Naude House Blue Plaque - City of Johannesburg

For over 20 years, from 1977-2000, this was the home of anti-apartheid clergyman Beyers Naudé and wife Ilsa. While in Greenside, he suffered banning, house arrest and harassment from the apartheid state. From here the ageing “Oom Bey” moved to Northcliff, becoming a congregant at the Aasvoëlkop N G Kerk, where he had condemned apartheid from the pulpit in 1963. A rebel Afrikaner, he is admired for his transformation from Broederbond-dominee to anti-apartheid hero.

Plaque Address: 

26 Hoylake Road, Greenside


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Outside the Beyers Naudé House (City of Johannesburg)


After the departure of Beyers Naudé, a patio and more recently a swimming pool were added (City of Johannesburg)