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Johannesburg Street Names by Anna Smith: A Dictionary of street, suburb and other place names compiled to the end of 1968. Anna Smith was Jhb city librarian. This was her magnum opus and great legacy to the city. Compiled in alphabetical order - each letter of the alphabet decorated with small pictures by various artists including Ernest Ullman, W Papas, AE Dunstone and A Cantrell . The Dust wrapper is of the plan of Johannesburg 1896, the Residents’ and Strangers’ Friend (original held in the JPL). Book in excellent condition, published by Juta in 1971. Now extremely rare. This is the essential Jhb work of reference. 629 pages. Weight 1.3 kgs. 17.5 x 25 cms and 5.5 cms thick. Price on internet up to R3700 . This copy for R2 400 


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The Golden City Johannesburg compiled and edited by Allister MacMillan, published in London by W H L Collingridge, 2nd edition 1932. The preface opens with the comparisons to Babylon, Nineveh, Thebes and Jerusalem. In 1932 Johannesburg was just 3 years short of celebrating its jubilee but it was regarded as the modern Golden city with a population of 400 000, 82 square miles, 800 miles of streets and 136 townships. This book is a celebratory volume with benchmark chapters of distinguished and erudite big names in academe, journalism and local government (Hedley Chilvers, Harry Steuben, Raymond Dart etc.). Topics surveyed included prehistory, history, early mining, folklore, military history, religion, pioneer women, motoring, flying, flora, education, gold mining and even poetry. 388 pages plus index, thick sepia toned paper and many black and white photos mainly taken by MacMillan himself. The book captures Jhb of the early thirties. Hard cover with intended city crest in gilt, gilt edges. Beautifully preserved and in excellent condition. Originally published in 1931 for a subscriber group of businesses, this volume was aimed at a more commercial but affluent market. Weight 1.8kgs, 28 cms x 22.5 cms  and 4 cms thick. Very rare - I am selling this copy because after a lifetime of collecting I have finally found a first edition. This copy R1 000


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The Buildings of Central Cape Town Volume One - Formative influences and classification. Published November 1978 and reprinted March 1979, published by the Cape Provincial Institute of Architects. This is is volume one of two volumes (the second was the catalogue). This volume comprises the plans, maps, photos of buildings and panoramic views of Cape Town. This is a great reference work recording the significant heritage buildings of Cape Town. Soft cover. 24 cms x 35 cms, 65 pages but a substantial work. An essential for heritage architects. Very good condition. I am selling as I replaced with a hard cover. This copy R300  


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Collection in Jhb or I can do postnet. Adds about R100 in delivery charge. 10% of sale receipts will be given to Johannesburg Heritage. Email me if you are interested - Kathy@zimstone.co.za

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