Readers may be interested to know that the Simon's Town Historical Society recently updated its website ( New features include an experimental Walking Tour based on Google Earth (click here to view). The walk normally starts at Simon’s Town Station and ends at the gates to the East Dockyard. Unfortunately many of the interesting buildings are either occupied by the South African Navy or within the confines of restricted areas and are not accessible to the public. Where possible we have provided frontal views of some of these buildings. Walking time can be up to 120 minutes depending on the walker.


Sites on the Walking Tour


The Society has been publishing bi annual and lately annual Bulletins since the early 1960s and these will be added to the site over time. Click here to view Bulletin 1 from January 1961.

Bulletin Cover


We would welcome  any feedback regarding the content of the site.

Eric Mawhinney | Simon's Town Historical Society |

Wednesday, October 20, 2021 - 14:35

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