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Dr Avi Sooful is currently a Senior Lecturer in Fine Arts at the University of Pretoria (UP) and her real interest is the documenting of Art History embedded in apartheid experiences. The notion of landscape is still occupying her career, especially in socio political and feminine images. As a practising artist Avi’s area of interest remains a feminist position within the visual arts. In her academic career, spanning over 20 years, she has participated in numerous national and international exhibitions. 

In 2022, DITSONG; Kruger Museum (DKM) started a new initiative by offering STORIES on the STOEP, where visitors can sit in the shade, just beneath the platform of President Kruger’s train, and listen to the different narratives, of various speakers every month. The railway coach is also open on these occasions, for visitors to walk through and admire late 19th century craftsmanship.

STORIES on the STOEP will be presented at DKM every last Tuesday of the month. A guided tour through the house and exhibition halls is conducted from 15:00 and the public talk starts at 16:00. Admission fees to attend both the guided tour as well as the public lecture are payable on arrival at the reception: R50.00 per adult and R 25.00 for senior citizens and children. 

If you are interested in visiting museums and learning new or old history, or if art and conservation is your passion, these stories are just for you.

Safe parking at the church opposite the Kruger Museum.

Contact details: DITSONG; Kruger Museum Email: Krugerm@ditsong.org.za. Cell No 076 627 2081

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