Our world is a different place to that which we knew in 2019 when JHF last convened its Annual General Meeting and I took over from Brett MacDougall. We have been forced to adjust to lockdown, social distancing, masks and we follow daily Covid-19 statistics. Virtual tours and zoom meetings have taken the place of gathering for tours and at the research centre. People work from home and our JHF office at Northwards has temporarily closed. We all worry about the virus - catching it and surviving it, the future of our work and income. We connect on WhatsApp groups: we value home, family, humour and kindness.

Johannesburg Heritage was hit hard by the Covid -19 pandemic. Many of our members are older and our tour program had to be cancelled and postponed. We began to bounce back during May with Eira switching her office to her home and we began to correspond with our members. Flo and Brett ran Facebook quizzes. Flo and her sons developed a superb virtual tour program. Thus, during the last few months, we have risen to the challenge of a new world. We still serve the cause of heritage with vigour and consider it as important as ever.

I thank our members for paying current subscriptions and remaining loyal to the cause of heritage. I thank the Board of Management for their leadership and commitment. Please download the full report below. It has the following headings:

  • Four Newsletters
  • The Tour Programme
  • The Walmart Award
  • 2019 Heritage Weekend
  • Donors and Backers
  • Membership
  • Tours, Talks and Outings
  • Joint Plans Committees
  • Architectural Drawing Archive
  • Bez Valley War Memorial
  • Blue Plaques
  • Education Report
  • Loss of Michael Fleming and Herbert Prins
  • Tour Leaders
  • Research Centre
  • Conservation
  • Promoting Heritage in Soweto
  • Digitisation Report
  • National Lottery COVID 19 Funding
  • Friends of the Cemeteries
  • The Wilds

The report was presented by the Chairperson of the JHF, Prof Kathy Munro, at the JHF AGM held via Zoom on 8th August 2020.

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Thursday, August 13, 2020 - 05:57

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