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Starting in Wexford Avenue, we visit a rather special home with a surprising shape. We then walk along this lovely street lined with jacarandas to Parkview where we’ll visit two blue plaque houses with architecture that covers a range of styles dating back to 1907 – the year Parkview was proclaimed as a township.

In between the gables (very popular at the time) and the occasional turret, we’ll also get to know some of the many personalities who made this area their home - from the admirable Major O’Hara who helped establish Wits University in the face of government opposition, to the early land surveyor Pritchard, to a not-so-admirable previous Prime Minister who lived cheek by jowl with a great lady of the stage. All in all, this is a fascinating tour that’s sure to delight.

  • Meet at the west end of Crescent Drive, corner Wexford Avenue. This is a gated area so the easiest entrance is from Kildare Avenue.
  • Date 12 February 2022 14h00-16h00
  • Price: From R100
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