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Notice in terms of the Provincial Heritage Resources Authority Gauteng (PHRA-G) RE 94 INANDA | RE/128/51-IR | RE 127/51-IR | ERF 1/58 | RE 58 | ERF 4/59

The school of St David’s Marist Brothers situated on the above properties, intends to demolish the following structures; workshop, garage, staff quarters, as well as the remainder of a residential building and its outbuildings. This house was previously altered in order to accommodate Boarding House 1. The school wishes to create more boarding house facilities, and to make provision for a future common Dining Hall and Gym.

An application was submitted to the Provincial Heritage Resources Authority - Gauteng (PHRA-G) for the exemption of the Section 38 process and rather approval under a Section 34 process. However, the PHRA-G have requested a Section 38 submission be submitted to the PHRA-G for approval.

Any interested or affect party who wishes to comment on this is invited to do so in writing to the Provincial Heritage Resource Authority at:  

Private Bag X33, Johannesburg, 2000.
Facsimile:  (011)355 2565
Email:  tebogomolokomme@gauteng.gov.za
Closing date for comments:  11 October 2023

Name and address of agent:

J M Campkin-Smith
C/O Studiojoy+ Architects and Heritage Practitioners
8A Terrace Road, Mountainview, Johannesburg, 2192
Ph:  072 564 7664
Email: joy@studiojoy.co.za

Public Participation
Monday, September 11, 2023 - 13:10

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