The GIfA Heritage committee continues to serve as a link between GIFA members and the various heritage organisations and stakeholders in the field. The committee helps to direct the necessary development in the city, whilst using our National Heritage Resource Act as a guide. We consist of a wide range of representatives, mostly from private practice. The team sits on various heritage committees throughout the city and beyond. A recent notable achievement has been the completion of the grading exercise of Parkview which members of our team assisted with, along with the PRA, JPC Central and JHF. This exercise has taken over a year - an intense task of grading each building and collecting historical data of the suburb which dates to the early 1900s. We hope the lessons learnt from this exercise and the heritage grading initiative spills over to other suburbs from early next year.


Weber House, Parkview


The CPD accredited Johannesburg Heritage Tours both virtual and real, are growing from strength to strength with an increasing architectural following. This benefits both GIFA and the JHF in heritage preservation. As GIFA recently relocated to Rosebank we are assisting with the archiving and preservation of records and artefacts dating back a century. GIFA is also collaborating with JHF to take custodianship of the prestigious Colosseum floating trophy award for heritage conservation with a suggested name change to Herbert Prins Colosseum Award for Heritage Projects as a memorial to the benefactor and founder of the Egoli Heritage Foundation.


The Colosseum Award


We thank David Gurney for assisting GIFA with the upcoming Treasure Hunt as a heritage day event connected to tours undertaken by the JHF.

Architect Sue Zenha - Convenor

Wednesday, September 29, 2021 - 13:34

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