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Professionals and managers working in the built environment are increasingly being required to conserve or take account of heritage and heritage resources. This programme aims to produce graduates with the necessary knowledge, values and skills to engage effectively with the challenges arising in the very diverse multi-disciplinary intellectual, cultural and physical environments where heritage and heritage resources are present. The Programme curriculum is cross-disciplinary and exposes students to the broad range of research, analytical, evaluative, planning and management issues and challenges that they are likely to encounter in the field.

The Programme is designed for working professionals and is offered in the block-release system of four x one-week contact periods in the first year and two x one-week contact periods plus a research project in the second year.

Courses include: history of conservation; law of conservation and heritage management; critical issues in heritage; conservation disciplines and practices; researching and assessing significance; impact assessments; academic research methodologies; research project/mini-dissertation.

Entrance Requirements: a four-year degree or equivalent; or a three-year degree or equivalent plus appropriate experience in a related discipline. The UCT application form can be downloaded off the UCT website:  MACROBUTTON HtmlResAnchor www.uct.ac.za or collected from the Admissions Office, Middle Campus, UCT, Rondebosch.

Closing date for applications: Applications should be submitted by 30 November 2015. A two-year programme commencing late January 2016

For further information contact Stephen Townsend at 021-6504417 or ss.townsend@uct.ac.za  or Naomi Gihwala at 021-6502081 or naomi.gihwala@uct.ac.za


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