The Magaliesberg Biosphere Reserve's YouTube channel has some fanastic videos for enthusiasts to watch! Click here to view. 

This is a great way to enjoy our rich heritage while keeping your social distancing. Stay home. Stay safe. There are five videos in the series plus an Introduction

  1. Visions of sustainability - A brief explanation of the Magaliesberg Biosphere Reserve. (9 minutes),
  2. Cliffs and caves  - The remarkable story of the Magaliesberg geological landscape. (16 minutes)
  3. Natural abundance - The natural heritage of the Magaliesberg. (22 minutes)
  4. Triumph and tragedy - The South African War in the Magaliesberg. (30 minutes)
  5. Our turbulent past - The long history of the region from the beginnings of humanity to the present. (25 minutes)
06/30/2020 - 00:00
Thu, 04/09/2020 - 19:47

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