MACH is now 2 years old and thanks to the many who supported and enjoyed the heritage activities. We together have helped to protect and celebrate our wonderful heritage. MACH is one of many organizations in South Africa working together to help educate all South Africans on the rich heritage that our forefathers left us. MACH operates in the greater Magaliesberg where we are part of the Magaliesberg Biosphere Reserve, an area which is also becoming known as the Cradle of Life.

MACH's basic tenets have remained unchanged:

  • Educating the public in the greater Magaliesberg and surrounds
  • Organizing talks, Bus trips, Hikes, visiting Heritage sites and placement of Blue Plaques at remarkable Heritage sites
  • Not charging Membership fees but offering activities for Members at very nominal charges

We are pleased that this has allowed MACH to build a large following of Heritage enthusiasts. Current file has over 600 names. Using MailChimp, it allows for easy and quick communication. It keeps Members information private and allows for self-unsubscribing and easy interaction with MACH.

MACH operational team:

Andre Wedepohl - Business Development Manager for Kedar Heritage Lodge. Magaliesberg Battlefield authority, speaker on S.A.W
Rob Milne - Certified Magaliesberg Battlefield Tourist guide. Author, speaker on S.A.W
James Smith - Treasurer, Speaker on Magaliesberg Railroads
Nigel Naylor - Manages the Magaliesberg Historical Society, Speaker on Magaliesberg
Vincent Carruthers - Author and speaker on Magaliesberg.

It is with regret that Peter Achterberg, who has done such good work on Heritage site documentation and investigation, will stand down. We badly need someone to replace him. If you are enthusiastic about the rich heritage of the Magaliesberg area and if you also have moderately good computer skills, please contact Mike. Peter will be available to assist in handing over his knowledge and his system of recording and classifying sites, so please come forward if you would like to help – it’s really interesting and you would be making a very important contribution.

MACH achieved in 2019:

  • Held 10 Heritage talks at Meerhof Lodge
  • Placed 8 Blue Plaques at Heritage sites which earned this distinction
  • Organized 6 Heritage bus tours
  • Managed the famous ‘de Wet Escape’ hike
  • Built Membership to  600 supporters

MACH plans for 2020:

Allow for much activity to learning about the Rich Heritage of the Magaliesberg. This will be done with talks, hikes and visits to the Magaliesberg.

  1. Heritage talks: Meerhof lodge.  Monthly on a Wednesday at 10h30 for 11h00
  2. Blue Plaque placements:  Have identified SIX sites which will be communicated once confirmed
  3. Visit Heritage sites which need to be re-checked.
  4. Heritage hikes: Expand hikes linked to remarkable Heritage
  5. Heritage Bus trips: Continue with the Om Die Dam & Kedar Heritage Lodge tours. Take smaller groups to celebrate specific sites or occasions.
  6. Pursue the Heritage ‘Diary’ for easy checking of activities
  7. Re-model the MACH website site using new interactive software.
  8. Working with School Grades 10, 11,12 by giving talks on Magaliesberg Heritage. At the same time encourage school children to become active in Heritage matters.
  9. Magaliesberg Country Talks: These will be visits of 3 /4 hours into the Magaliesberg and led by a prominent authority. Subjects such as Trees & flowers, Geology, Battles in S.A.W, Biosphere etc.
  10. MACH Historical bookshop managed by Dr Hans de Kramer at Heritage talks
  11. Development of booklets by Vincent Carruthers covering Magaliesberg Heritage events.

We hope that you will continue to support MACH as well as helping with activities. MACH needs to expand into other Magaliesberg towns and plans to investigate Rustenburg and Pretoria groups. We have much rich Heritage to be proud of. So, let’s ‘Protect our Heritage’ with activities, and by getting involved  visiting sites and telling friends and our children the… ‘Stories of the Magnificent men & woman’ who built this beautiful country. 

Our Magaliesberg, the Cradle of Life, set in a Biosphere Reserve.

Mike Benn

Tuesday, December 10, 2019 - 11:04

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